Domenic Manzi

Now that we are at the end of the semester, I have learned so much about what goes into coding and it has been some very interesting four months of work. When we first started out, the only thing I knew about coding was semicolons and missing one could ruin everything, and that was about it. As I write this, I have come leaps and bounds farther than I ever thought I was going to be at with coding, granted that it has only been a taste to the wide range coding has. Coming off of the first project we did, I felt very confident about making the rest of the site, and I had so much that I wanted to incorporate and I could visualize how I wanted it to look. Clearly, most of what I wanted never even came close to fruition, due to me not devoting the necessary amount of time to sit down and do any of them. However, where I stand, I still thoroughly enjoyed learning the ins and outs of designing and actually coding the site and the frustrations that evidently came alongside of it.