Domenic Manzi

I don't think it would take that long of a look for me to say that I do not have anything in terms of an emotional design, however, I was attempting to use a lot of white space. Since the purpose of the site, if there even was one, was to be used for sports writing, there would not be a need to use the entire space of the page. If there were to be articles written on the site, keeping the frame fairly narrow would be the best call. The presence of white space would not draw away attention from the content of the article the viewer is reading, since there would be less distractions.

I do think that the site does have some resemblance of a responsive one. After messing with the size of the browser window, the elements that are on the page are moving as the window gets smaller and smaller. While doing this, there were some inconsistencies, as on some of the pages, the movement starts off very fluid, but once the browser gets to certain sizes, that consistent movement stops, and the elements would jump all over and the spacing would shift or alter.